About our company


WebFace is an innovative and experienced web design, web development and online marketing company (SEO).


We do not just make the front website face for your company to stand out at the crowded internet, we also advise you about possible marketing solutions to help you stay on the top of the list.


Whatever your goal is – just to make your company more accessible online or just to navigate eCommerce business, we will make your needs come true, for your web face professional presentation.


Everything is possible with a little bit of hard work! Our team is here to work for you and your dreams.

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Digital business solutions

All the projects in Webface are very important for us. Therefore, we take into consideration the requirements of our clients and complete the projects with highest standards not leaving any unsolved problem to be followed by continuous improvements.

You can trust us with confidence

Webface was established by Jonas Samaitis (me). I have been working in Web Design industry since 2010 and have implemented a big number of successful web projects for various companies around Ireland and there has never been any unhappy customer.

Our portfolio speaks for ourselves

Over the years working with different companies a lot of experience has been gained and each website was better than the previous one,which means that your one will be better than the one before. Please checkout portfolio page to see our latest creations.