Welcome to the website of my Assigment that displays my CV Online

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About Me

I am very dedicated about web programming and I try to learn a new skill every day. I'm honesty, communicable, responsible and always ready to work on something new.

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Studies in DIT

This is my first year to study in Dublin Institute of Technology and it’s been amazing so far. I have learnt many new great things which starting to connect the whole studies into one piece

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My Skills

I have 10 years experience in building, debugging, launching, maintaining, upgrading websites. With a passion for technology, I am constantly striving for the ways to improve.

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About the project

This project has been created as a part of my studies trying to achieve the degree in BSc in Information Systems and Information Technology for the module named Interface Design and Web Development. The task of this assignment is to display my CV online and have presentable web presence.

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When I will graduate I will be happy