IT Consulting

What is “Information Technology (IT) Consulting”?


IT (Information Technology) became important and crucial part of everyday business. All companies using IT to some extent, some of them more than the others. Nowadays IT is not just the part of the company helping to save working time, it is also one of the major parts of business development.

Business development depends on IT level in the company as well as an understanding of its benefits created by enterprise information management systems in use. “Correct” level of IT use ensures effective support to key business processes and its development. Even if the company has professionals involved in software and hardware support, usually they are not interested in improving business processes that could give a competitive advantage to the company.


Business needs to be clearly justified in the areas of information technology in the company, the benefits of selected IT solutions and terms of return on investment from their introduction.

It can be different reasons why you need I.T consultant:

  • Internal source lack of experience in strategic IT planning and development
  • To broaden understanding in desired I.T field
  • One-time project when permanent employees are not required
  • As temporary advice during projects
  • To outsource all or part of the IT services

Our principles of work:

  • To focus on understanding personality and expectations of a client.
  • To clearly define roles and responsibilities for both, client and consulting team
  • We advise, client decide
  • Looking at the project from end-user point